DOJ’s Consumer Protection Branch at work

Below are recent announcements from the Department of Justice's Consumer Protection Branch.

April 13, 2015 Quality Egg, Company Owner and Top Executive Sentenced in Connection with Distribution of Adulterated Eggs

April 13, 2015 California Man Sentenced to Prison for Odometer Fraud Scheme

April 10, 2015 First Jamaican Man Extradited to the United States in Connection with International Lottery Scheme Pleads Guilty

April 3, 2015 Massachusetts Dairy Farm Agrees to Permanent Injunction for Improper Medication Practices

March 30, 2015 District Court Enters Permanent Injunction against Los Angeles Seafood Company and Senior Officers to Stop Distribution of Adulterated Products

March 16, 2015 Car Salesman Sentenced to Prison for Odometer Fraud Scheme

March 12, 2015 Justice Department Announces Settlement with California Bank for Knowingly Facilitating Consumer Fraud

March 11, 2015 District Court Enters Permanent Injunction Against Texas Pharmacy and Senior Executives to Prevent Distribution of Adulterated and Misbranded Drugs

March 10, 2015 CommerceWest Bank Admits Bank Secrecy Act Violation and Reaches $4.9 Million Settlement with Justice Department

March 10, 2015 McNeil-PPC Inc. Pleads Guilty in Connection with Adulterated Infants' and Children's Over-the-Counter Liquid Drugs

March 4, 2015 Seven Individuals Indicted in Multimillion-Dollar Business Opportunity Fraud Scam

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