Delaying Affordable Care Act start dates not so simple

This article by Jennifer Haberkorn says that delaying implementation of the Affordable Care Act is

not as easy as bumping things back a few days on the calendar.
Insurance companies would raise a ruckus because they set their prices
based on customers enrolling before April. The Obama administration
doesn’t want to push the successful enrollment stories until any later
than they have to. And neither want to give procrastinators another
reason to wait to sign up. “Here’s the irony of ironies: The insurance industry is ready for
Obamacare on Jan. 1. Obamacare is not ready for Obamacare on Jan. 1,”
said Robert Laszewski, an insurance industry consultant with Health
Policy and Strategy Associates. In fact, insurance companies have a lot to lose from a delay. They
need to start racking up paying customers as early as possible in 2014
so they can set rates for 2015.

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