“Debt relief” company pushes back against CFPB

The Blog of LegalTimes reports:

When Morgan Drexen Inc. found itself in the Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau's crosshairs, the company, which works with law firms
to provide debt relief services to consumers, initiated a response
that's proving to be both unusually aggressive and public.

The CFPB filed suit against
the company earlier this week in California federal court, alleging
that it charged illegal up-front fees and deceived consumers. But Morgan
Drexen, which is represented by Venable partner Randall Miller, beat
the agency to the punch, filing a suit in late July challenging the
CFPB’s constitutionality.

It’s also launched an extensive website detailing the litigation, Morgandrexenvcfpb.com, including a timeline, blog, document demands, video footage and press clips.

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