Consumer Law Tweets

by Jeff Sovern

The Faculty Lounge Blog recently posted a census of law professors who post on Twitter. I was disappointed to see that consumer law professors were not really represented on the list (I tweet, but rarely, and then not always about consumer law; indeed my most recent tweet said something like "This just in: the NFL will punish Belichick for Deflationgate by making him coach the NY Jets next year.").  I have not done a good job of finding people who tweet about consumer law to follow. I follow a few journalists, like Jeff Gelles and Sheryl Harris; a few government folks, like Elizabeth Warren and people at the FTC; the FTC itself and the CFPB; but perhaps only a few true consumer lawyers who aren't in government (Ed Mierzwinski, Paul Bland, Deepak Gupta), and only one law professor who occasionally writes about consumer law issues (Ian Ayres, who was included in the Faculty Lounge census but also writes about many other things). I'm curious: readers, what consumer law people do you follow on Twitter? You can post answers in the comments.

0 thoughts on “Consumer Law Tweets

  1. noname says:

    Tons of great folks tweeting on privacy — so many, I think you should consider that in a separate category, and I haven’t listed them here.
    On consumer law generally, hmm.

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