“Consumer agency hated by Trump and GOP lawmakers has the backing of most Americans”

That's the name of this LA Times article by David Lazurus, which explains that Americans of all political stripes support a strong Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. A survey conducted for Americans for Financial Reform and the Center for Responsible Lending shows "that an overwhelming majority of Americans — at least 80% — are concerned about the Trump administration’s recent efforts to curb oversight of banks and payday lenders, and the possible shutdown of a database of consumer complaints." Lazarus notes that 

Significantly, the survey shows that support for the CFPB cuts across party lines, with majorities of Republicans and Democrats saying strong enforcement of financial rules affects them personally. Asked how important it is to regulate financial services and products, a staggering 91% say it’s important, including 69% who say it’s very important.That’s a sentiment shared by 85% of Republicans and 96% of Democrats.

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