College Board Says It is LOOKING INTO How It MIGHT Make the Adversity Score Available to Students

by Jeff Sovern

On Saturday, I blogged about the College Board's adversity score.  Today, in response to my inquiry, I received an email from the College Board which contained the following:

We have received questions about whether students and schools can see the content of the Dashboard, and we’re looking into how we might make it available to them. The tool is currently being piloted for use by admissions officers. The Dashboard aggregates publicly available information about schools and neighborhoods. More details can be found here. Again, there is no information specific to individual students, except their SAT score.

The email also included another link to a page headed What You Need to Know About the Environmental Context Dashboard. If you read the links, you will see that the College Board objects to the phrase "adversity score" and prefers that its new product be called Environmental Context Dashboard.

A couple of comments: first, if the College Board can provide the information to colleges, I don't see why it is "looking into" how it "might" make the information available to students. Why not simply commit to providing it to students and say it is looking into how it will make it available to students? Second, I stand by my original view that the College Board ought to commit to meeting at least the standards of the FCRA for providing students an opportunity to make corrections.

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