CNN: Trump pledges to ‘do a big number’ on Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform

by Jeff Sovern

Here.  Trump criticized Dodd-Frank on the campaign trail, but as far as I know still hasn't said very much about which aspects of the statute he would change.  Consequently, it remains unclear what his views of the CFPB are. While he complained about the difficulties small business have in getting loans from banks, small business loans are largely outside the CFPB's purview.  In related news, Trump today signed an Executive Order providing that government agencies must eliminate two regulations for every new regulation they issue, but it presumably wouldn't apply to independent agencies like the CFPB, FTC, FCC, or CPSC, though Trump's nominees to those agencies could pledge to abide by the Executive Order.  Still, the Executive Order would seemingly apply to consumer protection agencies that are not independent of the president, like the FDA, though I imagine that under Trump those agencies won't issue new regulations anyway.

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