CFPB Debt Collection Regs SBREFA Panel Reportedly Coming in August reports that it "has learned from multiple industry sources" that the CFPB will hold a Small Business Regulatory Fairness Enforcement Act (SBREFA) proceeding the week of August 22 in connection with the Bureau's forthcoming debt collection regulations.  The Bureau has to convene the SBREFA proceeding before proposing the new rules.  Just to give a sense of what the timeline could be, the Bureau convened its arbitration SBREFA panel last October and announced the proposed rule on May 4 of this year (of course, the time table could be different for different rules). Rather than issuing the text of the proposed rules during the SBREFA process, the Bureau issues a report describing its tentative thinking (again for comparison, the arbitration SBREFA report can be found here)

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