CFP for Hybrid International Consumer Protection Law Conference

Here is the announcement:

University of Pretoria International Consumer Law Conference (UPICLC 2022)

Since the first UPICLC conference in 2014, the University of Pretoria Consumer Protection Law Cluster has attempted to propagate and address various consumer issues and trends on a national, regional and international scale. Through the years there have been consistent collaborative efforts and the dissemination of information, scholarly research, empirical studies and the professional input of the legal fraternity and regulatory authorities. This all in an attempt to address issues regarding the global consumer market, regulatory enforcement and redress challenges, consumer rights and policy, proportionality, sustainability and vulnerability.

As a global community we are faced with disruptive events such as pandemics, natural disasters, crashing economies and governments that are divided, yet another industrial revolution with its own challenges and of course war. Consumer protection had to broaden its horizon and grew significantly as a multidisciplinary field of law as a result.

What should consumer protection and consumer protection law in the 21st century look like? Are we moving towards a new Pangaea where we are looking at a supercontinent with consistent conforming consumer regulation, representative of the world's consumers and segments in the consumer market or are we heading towards a continental drift where nations and continents are drifting further apart in their approach to consumer protection and the regulation of the business-consumer dynamic?

We invite attendees and speakers to explore this conference theme further, and how it affects all the various aspects, policies, theories, areas and rights that is considered part of consumer protection.

Call for papers

We invite attendees and speakers to explore this conference theme further and how it affects all the various aspects, policies, theories, areas and rights that is considered to be part of consumer protection. This would include for example broad themes in or around:

  • General consumer protection
  • Financial consumer protection
  • Credit law
  • E-commerce and online consumers

We are also introducing two new research streams:

  • Food Law and Food Safety Law; Food Security Law and
  • A stream for postgraduate student presenters

Food Law and the related Food Safety Law, Food Security Law is becoming an important multidisciplinary area playing a prominent role in consumer protection. This includes sub-areas such as Food Security, Food Labelling, IP Law, Counterfeit Goods and Sustainability. The conference will have a separate research stream on Food Law and presenters are invited to submit abstracts for this particular stream.

We have a great responsibility as academic citizens to nurture developing academics and legal professionals and in this regard the UPICLC is inviting postgraduate students to submit abstracts for presentation on the relevant conference themes that my form part of their postgraduate research for this separate research stream.

Submit your abstract of no more than 500 words via the conference website by 12 August 2022

The website is open for submissions as from 6 May 2022

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