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Solove Paper on Privacy Self-Management vs. Paternalism

Daniel J. Solove of GW has written Privacy Self-Management and the Consent Paradox, 126 Harvard Law Review (2013).  Here's the abstract: The current regulatory approach for protecting privacy involves what I refer to as the “privacy self-management model” – the law provides people with a set of rights to enable them to decide for themselves […]

Federal Reserve Paper on Industry Reaction to Data Breaches

Julia S. Cheney, Robert M. Hunt, Katy Jacob, Richard D. Porter and Bruce J. Summers, all of the  Federal Reserve, have written The Efficiency and Integrity of Payment Card Systems: Industry Views on the Risks Posed by Data Breaches.  Here is the abstract: Consumer confidence in payment card systems has been built up over many […]

Papers on Privacy

Ira Rubinstein of NYU's Information Law Institut has written Big Data: The End of Privacy or a New Beginning?  Here's the abstract: “Big data” refers to novel ways in which organizations, including government and businesses, combine diverse digital data sets and then use statistics and other data mining techniques to extract from them both hidden […]

Amitai Etzioni Paper on Privacy Merchants

Amitai Etzioni has written The Privacy Merchants: What is to Be Done?  Here is the abstract: Rights have been long understood, first and foremost, as protection of the private from the public, the individual from the State. True, we also recognize positive rights (such as socioeconomic rights) and the government’s duty to protect citizens from violations […]

Will Technology Make “Do Not Track” Laws Unnnecessary?

Sunday's Times reported that the next version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer will include a "Do Not Track" privacy setting as a default. Consumers installing the browser will be presented with the option of switching from the default to permit tracking.  Excerpts: But the specter of people opting out of tracking en masse presents a serious […]

Paper on Behavioral Advertising

Chris Jay Hoofnagle of Berkeley, Ashkan Soltani of Berkeley's School of Information, Nathan Good of Good Research, Dietrich James Wambach, a student at Wyoming, and Mika Ayenson of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute have written Behavioral Advertising: The Offer You Cannot Refuse, 6 Harvard Law & Policy Review 273 (2012).  Here's the abstract: At UC Berkeley, […]