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Is the Solution to Payday Lending Better Disclosures?

by Jeff Sovern As I have noted before, payday lending and deposit advances present a conundrum for me: how to permit those who genuinely have a short-term borrowing need and who can't get the money elsewhere to borrow without creating a long-term debt trap.  Recently I listened to hearing held by the Senate Special Committee […]

Papke Paper on RTO, Payday Lending, and Title Pawn Businesses

David Ray Papke of Marquette has written Perpetuating Poverty: Exploitative Businesses, the Urban Poor, and the Failure of Liberal Reform. Here's the abstract: This article scrutinizes the rent-to-own, payday lending, and title pawn businesses – all of which target and exploit the urban poor.  Each type of business has developed a sophisticated business model that […]

Will Banks Get Out of the Deposit Advance Loan Business? If So, Is That Desirable?

by Jeff Sovern Deposit advance loans are banks' answer to payday loans.   Just like payday loans, they tend to be for short periods and high interest rates.  And just as with payday loans, consumer advocates fear that consumers get trapped in them, in the sense that many borrowers can't come up with the money to […]

Study Finds That Predatory Lending Regulation Leads to Lower Interest Rates and No Loss of Credit Availability

by Jeff Sovern Yesterday, I was on a panel at the Annual Meeting of the American Council on Consumer Interests, along with Dr. Yilan Xu, a professor at the University of Illinois in agricultural and consumer economics.  Dr. Xu's talk concerned a natural experiment in Cleveland, Ohio.  Cleveland had enacted an anti-predatory lending ordinance which was […]

More on Payday Loans

On Sunday, Brian posted a link to the Times story, Major Banks Play Key Role in Payday Loans Banned by States.  Yesterday, the Times followed up with a report, Dimon Pledges to Change JPMorgan’s Practices on Payday Loans. The specific practice that has drawn Dimon's ire is of withdrawing money from depositors' accounts to repay payday loans […]