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Texas A&M Journal of Property Law CFP for consumer law symposium

We received the following CFP: Texas A&M Journal of Property Law: Spring Symposium Proposal Purpose: The Texas A&M Journal of Property Law is currently seeking speakers and papers for its 2021 virtual Spring Symposium.  The purpose of the Symposium is to create a vibrant and useful forum for consumer law scholars, practitioners, and interested students […]

Matt Bruckner article on the roles of the states in protecting student loan borrowers from misbehaving schools

Matthew A. Bruckner of Howard has written The Forgotten Stewards of Higher Education Quality, 11 U.C. Irvine L. Rev. 1 – 41 (2020). Here's the abstract: A “triad” of regulators is supposed to ensure that student loan borrowers are not harmed by low-value institutions of higher education, including exploitative profiteers operating fly-by-night or predatory institutions of […]

Chris Odinet Article: Predatory Fintech and the Politics of Banking

Christopher K. Odinet of Iowa has written Predatory Fintech and the Politics of Banking, Iowa Law Review (2021 Forthcoming). Here is the abstract: With American families living on the financial edge and seeking out high cost loans even before COVID-19, the term financial technology or “fintech” has been used like an incantation aimed at remedying everything that’s […]

CFP on Racial Capitalism

We've received the following Call for Papers, which overlaps with consumer law issues: Racial Capitalism: An Elaboration in Legal Scholarship As a journal dedicated to social, racial, and economic justice, the Journal of Civil Rights & Economic Development (JCRED) is soliciting articles for Racial Capitalism, an Elaboration in Legal Scholarship, our forthcoming symposium issue. This issue will explore the […]

Choi & Spier on the economics of class action waivers

Albert H. Choi of Michigan and Kathryn E. Spier of Harvard have written The Economics of Class Action Waivers. Here is the abstract: Many firms require consumers, employees, and suppliers to sign class action waivers as a condition of doing business with the firm, and three recent US Supreme Court cases, Concepcion, Italian Colors, and Epic […]

Becher & Dadush paper on relationships as consumer products

Shmuel I. Becher of Victoria University of Wellington and Sarah Dadush of Rutgers have written Relationship as Product: Transacting in the Age of Loneliness. Here's the abstract: Behavioral economists and social psychologists distinguish between two main types of relationships. One type is “exchange relationships,” which are based on mutual benefit and economics principles. The second type […]

More on the failure of disclosure laws: Chen paper explores how Australian payday lenders obscure mandatory warnings

Vivien Chen of the Monash University – Department of Business Law & Taxation has written Online Payday Lenders: Trusted Friends or Debt Traps? 43 University of New South Wales Law Journal (Advance 2020). Here's the abstract: The recent Senate inquiry into credit and hardship underscored the prevalence of predatory conduct in the payday lending industry. […]

AALS Call for Papers for Works-in-Progress Session for Junior Consumer Law Scholars During Jan. 2021 Meeting in SF

We've received the following Call for Papers: Call for PapersJunior Consumer Law Scholars WIP session AALS Section on Commercial & Consumer Law January 5-9, 2021, AALS Annual Meeting The AALS Section on Commercial & Consumer Law is pleased to announce a “Works-in-Progress Session for Junior Consumer Law Scholars” program during the 2021 AALS Annual Meeting in San […]

Abstracts due by August 3 for March 2021 Berkeley Consumer Law Scholars Conference at Boston University

We're received the following call for abstracts: The Berkeley Center for Consumer Law and Economic Justice and conference co-organizers Kathleen Engel, Ted Mermin, Rory Van Loo, and Lauren Willis are pleased to announce the third annual Consumer Law Scholars Conference (CLSC), which will be held the afternoon and evening of March 4 and all day March 5, 2021, at Boston […]

Foohey, Jiménez & Odinet: The Debt Collection Pandemic

Pamela Foohey of Indiana Maurer, Dalié Jiménez of Irvine, and Christopher K. Odinet of Iowa have written The Debt Collection Pandemic, California Law Review Online (2020 Forthcoming). Here is the abstract: As of May 2020, the United States' reaction to the unique and alarming threat of COVID-19 has partially succeeded in slowing the virus’s spread. […]