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Inaugural episode of Consumer Law and Economic Justice Podcast now available

Here. The first episode features a conversation with Abbye Atkinson, professor at Berkeley Law, about her article, Borrowing Equality, published in the Columbia Law Review, and the relationship among credit, debt, social relationships, inequality, and what should be done to pave the way for a better world for borrowers. The podcast will broadcast conversations with […]

Study finds borrower race does not affect appraiser valuation

Brent W. Ambrose of Pennsylvania State, James Conklin of Georgia, N. Edward Coulson of California, Irvine – Paul Merage School of Business, Moussa Diop of USC, and Luis A. Lopez of the University of Illinois at Chicago have written Does Appraiser and Borrower Race Affect Valuation? Here’s the abstract: Following concerns about undervaluation of minority-owned […]

Meirav Furth’s important article: Retail Race Discrimination

Meirav Furth of UCLA and Tel-Aviv University has written Retail Race Discrimination. Here's the abstract: This Article investigates everyday race discrimination while shopping in clothing stores of different price ranges. It reports on an original field experiment which examines the combined effects of race and gender on consumers’ shopping experiences and outcomes. Nineteen testers—Black and white […]

Lauren Henry Scholz article argues for private claims to enforce privacy rights

Lauren Henry Scholz of Florida State has written Private Rights of Action in Privacy Law, William & Mary Law Review, Forthcoming. Here's the abstract: Many privacy advocates assume that the key to providing individuals with more privacy protection is strengthening the power government has to directly sanction actors that hurt the privacy interests of citizens. This […]

Student essay asks if anyone would have standing to sue in federal court to challenge student loan cancellation

by Jeff Sovern Jack Hoover, a 3L at Virginia, has written Standing and Student Loan Cancellation, 108 Va. L. Rev. Online (Forthcoming 2022). Here's the abstract: As the public policy debate over broad student loan cancellation continues, many have questioned whether the Executive branch has the legal authority to waive the federal government’s claim to […]

Remolina paper on the role of financial regulators in the governance of algorithmic credit scoring

Nydia Remolina of Singapore Management University – Centre for AI & Data Governance has written The Role of Financial Regulators in the Governance of Algorithmic Credit Scoring. Here’s the abstract: The use of algorithmic credit scoring presents opportunities and challenges for lenders, regulators, and consumers. This paper provides an analysis of the perils of the […]

Amy Schmitz asks: Will the United States Remain Exceptional in Enforcing Predispute Arbitration Clauses in Consumer Contexts?

Amy J. Schmitz of Ohio State has written Will the United States Remain Exceptional in Enforcing Predispute Arbitration Clauses in Consumer Contexts? MARC. Revista de Medios Alternativos de Resolución de Conflictos, no 2, 34-39 (August 2021) at Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Here’s the abstract: American exceptionalism” has been used to reference the […]

Two consumer law announcements involving international matters

Both courtesy of Kathleen Engel: Consumer protection law in the 21st century: Moving to a new Pangaea or a continental drift? 5th Bi-Annual UPICLC University of Pretoria International Consumer Protection Law Conference 15-17 September 2022 Call for Papers The International Review of Financial Consumers. The IRFC, established in 2016 by the International Academy of Financial Consumers […]

Horton article finds plaintiffs less likely to win in forced remote arbitration

David Horton of California, Davis has written Forced Remote Arbitration, 108 Cornell Law Review (2022). Here’s the abstract: Courts responded to COVID-19 by going remote. In early 2020, as lockdown orders swept through the country, virtual hearings—which once were rare—became common. This shift generated fierce debate about how video trials differ from in-person proceedings. Now, […]

Study finds consumer medical data breaches can cause consumers to switch providers and increase gym visits

Junyuan Ke and Weiguang Wang, both of the University of Rochester – Simon Business School and Natasha Zhang Foutz, Associate Professor of Commerce at the University of Virginia, have written Heterogeneous Consumer Response and Mitigation toward Healthcare Data Breach: Insights from Location Big Data. Here is the abstract: Data breaches pose grave dangers to consumers, […]