Businesses using class actions against Equifax

Jeff noted a few days ago that a credit union had filed a class action against Equifax. This article (possibly behind a paywall) by Amanda Bronstad discusses that class action some detail, plus another as well. Here's an excerpt:

Summit Credit Union in Madison, Wisconsin, has brought a class action on behalf of all credit unions that have had to reimburse customers for fraudulent charges and forgo fees due to the breach, which has impacted 143 million people. [The law firm] Robins Kaplan brought that suit on Sept. 11 in federal court in Georgia. Another class action was filed on Sept. 19 by three businesses and their owners, including Justin O’Dell, a partner at O'Dell & O'Neal in Marietta, Georgia, who also owns three real estate companies. The business owners claim that the breach, which Equifax announced on Sept. 7, could impact their ability to get loans and lines of credit. It’s the first time that small businesses have sued over a data breach, said Jason Doss, the attorney who brought the suit in federal court in Georgia.

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