Biden names Dave Ueijo as CFPB acting director

President Biden has named Dave Ueijo, the chief strategy officer at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as the Bureau's acting director. Kate Berry's American Banker story here (may be behind paywall). Excerpt:

“He’s a great interim pick and he doesn’t regard the role as simply a caretaker," said [former CFPB Director Richard] Cordray. "He knows there are important things they need to be doing including focusing on the needs of people affected by the pandemic.”

* * *

Ueijo plans to focus on ways the CFPB can address racial and economic inequality.

“Black, Brown, and Native American communities in particular have borne a disproportionate share of the impacts of COVID,” Ueijo said in the memo [to CFPB staff].

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  1. Miranda Cisneros Bell says:

    The Trump administration’s Director was not serving the needs of citizens filing verifiable claims about servicer misconduct. These claims should have been elevated to the Department of Justice or at least the FTC for a thorough investigation. If the Department of Justice is going to allow criminal behavior by servicers, lenders and or the assigns/successors after filing Consent Judgments against these same entities who agreed to terminate their criminal behavior than perhaps they should pursue criminal indictments. The Department of Justice has filed over a dozen Consent Decrees/Judgments since 2012 based on known criminal behavior. In essence these Consent Judgments took away or limited the actual damaged parties remedies of monetary relief, both civil and criminal. The same perpetrators who fully accepted the terms of the Consent Judgments along with their assigns or successors have been engaging in the same crimes in state courts (lacking subject matter jurisdiction to collaterally attack victims included in the CJ) and in Bankruptcy proceedings nationwide. This is a serious breach of fiduciary duty and enforcement which is guaranteed in the settlements. The CFPB and the Department of Justice must immediately begin prosecuting violators of the Consent Judgments or stop allowing financial institutions to commit crimes using criminal prosecutions instead. More than 85 percent of the violations are against people of color, like myself.

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