Berkeley Joins Georgetown as Leading Consumer Law Schools Among Elite

by Jeff Sovern

Mike posted earlier today about Berkeley's new Center for Consumer Law and Economic Justice, funded by a major gift from Elizabeth Cabraser and to be headed at least for now by Ted Mermin, a terrific choice.  Berkeley also has Chris Hoofnagle, a prolific writer on privacy and consumer law. With this gift, Berkeley joins Georgetown (which has CL&P blogger Brian Wolfman, Adam Levitin, former FTC Commissioner Robert Pitofsky, Rebecca Tushnet, former FTC Consumer Bureau Director David Vladeck, and Anne Fleming, among others) as an elite law school with an outstanding consumer law program.  Harvard has also been a presence in consumer law with its clinic, Brian Wolfman again, impressive visitors, and of course, it formerly had Elizabeth Warren.  Some other elite schools have a top talent in the field, but some elite law schools don't even offer a basic course in the area. I hope other elite schools emulate Berkeley and Georgetown.

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