Automating Bias Symposium at Cardozo Law School on January 25, 2023

We received the following announcement:
Automating Bias Symposium
Cardozo Law School
January 25, 9:30- 4:45

Algorithmic models built using machine learning and large volumes of personal data are increasingly used to target consumers with credit offers, assess consumers’ creditworthiness, price credit, provide debt management advice to consumers, resolve credit disputes, and more generally automate the credit lifecycle. 

While machine learning and automation offer many benefits for consumers and credit markets, they also carry significant legal risks. A key concern is the risk of unlawful discrimination—disparate treatment and disparate impact—against certain groups of borrowers, particularly women and people of color. In recent years, scholars and policymakers have been paying greater attention to these risks. However, fundamental questions about the scope and meaning of discrimination in automated, algorithmic consumer credit markets, and “fair lending” more broadly, remain undertheorized and unresolved. 

The Automating Bias Symposium will bring together scholars from law, economics, finance, and computer science, fintech lenders, federal government leaders from the CFPB and FTC, consumer advocates, and people from policy think tanks to discuss the problem of discrimination in algorithmic consumer credit markets, and potential policy and legal responses.

To learn more and register for the Symposium (in person or on-line) please go to:

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