Amy Schmitz Paper on Cramming

Amy Schmitz of Colorado has written Ensuring Remedies to Cure Cramming, 14 Cardozo J. of Conflict Resolution 877 (2013).  Here's the abstract:

The unauthorized addition of third party charges to telecommunications bills ("cramming") is a growing problem that has caught the attention of federal regulators and state attorney generals.  This Article therefore discusses the problems associated with cramming, and highlights consumers’ uphill battles in seeking remedies with respect to cramming claims.  Indeed, it is  imperative for policymakers, researchers, consumer advocates, and industry groups to collaborate in developing means for resolving these claims.   Accordingly, this Article offers a proposal for resolving cramming disputes in order to advance this collaboration, and inspire development of a functioning online dispute resolution ("ODR") process to handle these claims.  This process is designed to provide consumers a quick and easy-to-understand option for reporting and resolving cramming cases.

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