Will Trump Advocate That Consumers Receive Less Protection in His Speech About Rolling Regulations Back?

by Jeff Sovern

The Hill has a story about the forthcoming speech.  Excerpt from the story:

President Trump plans to give a speech at the White House next week on his efforts to roll back federal regulations.    

“The President will be making remarks in the morning highlighting his administration’s efforts to eliminate excessive, job-killing regulations to an audience of about 250-300 regulatory experts from think tanks, industry groups, universities, companies, and state governments,” a White House official said. 

* * *

Following his speech scheduled for Monday, a White House official said 10 agencies will hold break-out sessions with some of the groups in attendance and talk about “how they can make regulation smarter, more efficient and less burdensome on our economy.”

Participating agencies include the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Interior, Labor, Transportation and Treasury * * *

Some of those agencies have issued regs that affect consumers.

0 thoughts on “Will Trump Advocate That Consumers Receive Less Protection in His Speech About Rolling Regulations Back?

  1. Edwin Bell says:

    FDCPA and State consumer laws are simply a JOKE. They were set up to box in consumers from ever having any rights. FDCPA rules are inadequate and ineffective with insufficient fines that keep consumers from filing any actions. Consumers may lack financial skills to compete with banks on complex financial instruments, but they see the whole system as being completely corrupt and controlled by greedy oligarchs. Federal and state courts are now openly expressing their unconstitutional politics in court opinions.
    The rights of consumers will continue to be denied and destroyed. Henson v. Santander is just another example of consumer lawyers selling out We The People for private or personal GAIN. Now, third party debt collectors who notoriously use fraud or counterfeit documents will have a HAYDAY with all the CORRUPT Courts.
    Arrogant consumer lawyers sit on the sidelines observing the pain and suffering being inflicted by known fraudsters without any regard for the law. The future of consumer law is grim because all attorneys want it that way.

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