Will the CFPB Also Release a Debt Collection Study on July 28?

by Jeff Sovern

As we have previously noted, the CFPB has scheduled a July 28 debt collection field hearing, and could announce the beginning of the SBREFA process, leading to a rule-making, that day.  NCLC's April Kuehnhoff speculates that the Bureau will also release the results of its debt collection studies then.  The Bureau's arbitration study substantially added to what we know about that subject, and it would be great if the Bureau, which has been looking into debt collection for some time, did the same for debt collection.  Given how pervasive debt collection is in our country–one third of Americans are reported to have debts in collection–the more we can learn about debt collection, the better-informed policy-making and those of us who study consumer law can be. 

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