Why are democrats helping Trump dismantle Dodd-Frank? Read all about it.

That's the title of this article by Mike Konzcal. Then, read this article in The Hill explaining that "[t]he battle pits moderate Democrats up for reelection this year in states such as Missouri, West Virginia, North Dakota and Montana against Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and other progressives, and comes as the party braces for primary fights between the left and center." The Center for American Progress has this useful fact sheet. Go here for the Congressional Budget Office's analysis of the roll back bill.

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  1. Mike Thompson says:

    It is beyond crazy to think people who are elected to help their states and our country bend over for so many special interests. Our nation’s big banks need Dodd-Frank because they have proven that they are not able to act as adults and to be both fair and responsible (the bail outs were clear proof). Republicans and some Democrats have proven they shouldn’t be in office in just the same way they seem to want to trash Dodd-Frank, the only real protections consumers have dealing with banks. Contact your legislators at 202-224-3121 and tell them if they mess with Dodd-Frank you will campaign against them in their next elections. Our legislators re f use to provide executive branch oversight which is part of the Constitution they swear to uphold but refuse since January 2017. As an Independent it sickens me to here Executive Orders are unconstitutional for Obama but lawful for Trump, Trump refuses to implement sanctions on Russia that got all but 5 votes from both houses. Trump refuses to let the people know who visits the White House like every previous President. The money spent so Trump can golf and charge clients more money would of had Obama impeached but silence since it is Trump. It has cost more for Trumps travel in a single year than 8 years of Obama but yet still silence. Wake up, turn up the volume and make legislators either listen to you or vote them out.

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