Who wrote the Utah Va, Colo, privacy laws? The Markup says it was industry lobbyists

Here.  Excerpt:

Not just in Utah, but in Virginia and Washington, and Minnesota, tech companies have provided draft language that led to the introduction of industry-friendly privacy bills, according to legislators The Markup interviewed and previous reporting by Protocol

Big Tech funded nonprofits like TechNet, the State Privacy and Security Coalition, and the Internet Association have traveled from state to state encouraging legislators to “mirror” those industry-authored bills. TechNet representatives, for example, have testified or supplied written comments on privacy bills in at least 10 states since 2021, more than any other organization, according to our analysis of state legislative records.

* * *

While the tactics vary by state, the message and the asks are clear: Big Tech wants laws that prohibit consumers from bringing private lawsuits against companies who break the rules, that narrowly define what constitutes “selling” data, and that require consumers to opt out of data collection and tracking on every website they visit rather than honoring what is known as a global opt-out.



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