West Publishes New Version of Consumer Protection in a Nutshell, Co-Authored by Pridgen and Marsh

by Jeff Sovern

My co-author, Dee Pridgen, has co-authored with Gene A. Marsh a new version of Consumer Protection Law in a Nutshell (disclosure: I read and commented on some chapters in draft).  One of the problems with teaching the course in recent years has been the lack of an updated companion volume that students could use to supplement the casebook and classes.  This book solves that problem.  The book would also be useful to someone seeking a compact treatment of and introduction to the subject.  Dee, of course, is an expert in consumer law as she has not only co-authored our casebook on the subject, but also has two consumer law treatises to her credit, among other writings. Quoting now from Dee's summary of the contents:

Federal and state law dealing with consumer transactions is covered, including cases, statutes and regulations.  The volume begins with an overview of public (both FTC and CFPB) and private enforcement actions to regulate the marketplace.  The remaining chapters track the legal aspects of consumer transactions in a roughly chronological fashion, starting with advertising and marketing, consumer privacy, credit reports and identity theft, and equal access to credit.   The discussion continues with coverage of mandated disclosures as well as substantive protections for consumers under the federal credit laws, especially the Truth in Lending Act (TILA), including installment sales, credit cards and real estate related financing.  Special issues relating to TILA enforcement, as well as a discussion of related federal statutes, and regulation of the cost of credit are also covered. Post-transaction issues such as raising claims and defenses against third party financers (Holder in Due Course), warranties, default and debt collection, are included.  Last but not least, there is a chapter on the law affecting various forms of payment for consumer transactions, including credit and debit cards. 

Professors and instructors can obtain complimentary copies from West. 

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