Watch this video and find out whether you can share a Coke with obesity

Recently, we told you about Coca-Cola's funding of scientists seeking to shift the blame for obesity away from bad diets (including regularly gulping down sugary drinks like Coke).

If you were interested in that story, you'll be interested in this story.

At this website, Coke urges consumers to "Share a Coke" with someone by allowing them to buy a bottle of Coke with a name on it. You provide the name, along with 5 bucks plus shipping, and Coke will send you a bottle emblazoned with the words "Share a Coke with [you name it]." Or so the company says. Turns out the "you name it" has to be on the company's "approved list."

So, does Coke allow consumers to share a Coke with obesity? Click here or on the embedded video below to find out.


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