Two consumer law announcements involving international matters

Both courtesy of Kathleen Engel:

Consumer protection law in the 21st century: Moving to a new Pangaea or a continental drift?

5th Bi-Annual UPICLC

University of Pretoria International Consumer Protection Law Conference

15-17 September 2022

Call for Papers 
The International Review of Financial Consumers.

The IRFC, established in 2016 by the International Academy of Financial Consumers (IAFICO) to publish studies on financial consumers for a global audience, solicits papers for a Special Issue on Consumer Protection in Insurance Markets. The expansion of insurance into developing markets via microinsurance and mobile apps, the increasing use of Insurtech and AI, concerns about insurance gaps and emerging risks are changing the landscape for insurance consumer protections. The potential scope for protections is broad including contractual language, advertising and sales behaviors, pricing, policy cancellations and renewals, claim payments and denials – and protection mechanisms may include government regulations, education, service provision, legal principles, and corporate ESG practices.

Research considering the effects and effectiveness of consumer protection regulations, responses of consumers or producers to regulations, comparing consumer protection approaches across countries, or addressing consumer protection gaps in insurance markets are all within the scope of this Special Issue. Research questions and implications should be addressed from consumers' point of view.

Manuscript Submissions: Manuscripts should be submitted via email to by October 30, 2022. All submissions will be subject to the regular peer-review process employed by IRFC.

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