Trump University Settlement Underscores the Need for Forced Arbitration Ban in Higher Education

MarketWatch has a new article explaining why forced arbitration provisions have keep students at for-profit colleges from "get[ting] a Trump University-type outcome" when the students have alleged that their schools have defrauded them. The article also discusses the Department of Education's new rule cutting federal funding to schools that use forced arbitration provisions with their students:

The rules, which make it easier for students to sue their schools, go into effect in July of next year and their future is uncertain given a new administration and a Republican Congress. Still, [Pauline] Abernathy[, the executive vice president of The Institute for College Access and Success,] said the borrower defense regulations provide common-sense measures to make sure that schools are held accountable for making students whole when they believe they’ve been defrauded that should transcend party lines.

“The idea that schools rather than taxpayers should pay for that relief is something that should earn bipartisan support,” she said.

Full article is here.

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