Times Report on How Corporate Accountability Is Declining Under Trump

Here.  The article uses Wells Fargo as an example.  Here's an excerpt:

Will Wells Fargo be held to account for the many ways in which it mistreated its customers? The prospect of governmental action appears to be diminishing, and any fines it might face are likely to be at the low end of the scale based on recent enforcement trends since the start of the administration of President Trump.

Penalties imposed by financial regulators so far in 2017 are much lower than for the comparable period last year, according to The Wall Street Journal. That may be a reflection of the end of the financial crisis cases, but the new chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Jay Clayton, stated during his confirmation hearing that “shareholders do bear those costs and we have to keep that in mind.”

* * *

Even private litigation by consumers against corporations would be substantially reduced under a bill passed by the House in March. One part in the legislation would require each member of a class action to show the same injuries as all others before a federal court can certify it to proceed, severely limiting the number of such cases when the harm may not be the same to all.

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