Times: Loan Monitor Is Accused of Ruthless Tactics on Student Debt

Here.  An excerpt:

[W]hile there has been attention to aggressive student debt collectors hired by the federal government, the [Educational Credit Management Corporation] does something else: it brings legal challenges to those few who are desperate enough to seek bankruptcy relief.       

* * *       

Founded in 1994, just after the largest agency backstopping federal student loans collapsed, Educational Credit is now facing concerns that its tactics have grown ruthless. A review of hundreds of pages of court documents as well as interviews with consumer advocates, experts and bankruptcy lawyers suggest that Educational Credit’s pursuit of student borrowers has veered more than occasionally into dubious terrain. A law professor and critic of Educational Credit, Rafael Pardo of Emory University, estimates that the agency oversteps in dozens of cases per year.       

Others have also been highly critical.       

A panel of bankruptcy appeal judges in 2012 denounced what it called the agency’s “waste of judicial resources,” and said that Educational Credit’s collection activities “constituted an abuse of the bankruptcy process and defiance of the court’s authority.”

Representative Steve Cohen, a Tennessee Democrat who has introduced a bill to limit predatory tactics, said, “The government should hold its agents to the highest standards, and I don’t know that we’ve been doing that.”

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