The Obama Judiciary

Consumer advocates generally believe that federal judges nominated by President Obama are more likely to decide cases favorably to consumers than are judges nominated by the President's recent Republican predecessors. So, how has the President fared with his nominations?

Bob Barnes of the Washington Post has penned this article that discusses the President's judicial nominations. Barnes's article notes that (1) there are more federal judicial vacancies now than when President Obama took office in 2009; (2) the delay in filling vacancies is the fault of the Senate in not acting promptly on the President's nominations and the fault of the President in not making nominations promptly; and (3) the President has not had any of his nominees to the D.C. Circuit confirmed, even though there are three vacancies on that court (and there soon will be a fourth).

Barnes's piece relies heavily on a study by Brookings Instiution scholar Russell Wheeler that looked in detail at the nomination and confirmation process during the President's firm term.

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