“The House Healthcare Disaster Is Really About Taxes”

That's the name of this opinion piece by Peter Suderman. Suderman is a critic of the Affordable Care Act who thinks Trumpcare is far worse than the ACA. Some brief excerpts:

I have been a critic of Obamacare since it became law, but the Republican alternative is worse in nearly every way. * * * It’s unclear what health policy problem this bill would solve. Even for an opponent of Obamacare, it is difficult to understand why House Republicans chose this path to revamping the nation’s health care system. It’s difficult to understand, that is, if you think they were passing a health care bill. It makes more sense when you realize that isn’t what they were doing at all. They were passing a tax cut — one intended to pave the way for more tax cuts.The flaws of the bill, then, can be understood as a symptom of the flaws of the Republican Party, which has for decades maintained a myopic focus on tax cuts at the expense of nearly all else.

0 thoughts on ““The House Healthcare Disaster Is Really About Taxes”

  1. dee preston says:

    I just want them to stay away from anything that concerns my health. This is so screwed up now. Enough is enough. Old white men should have zero say regarding my health or anyone elses.

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