The Boca Raton Scam on Non-Profits Pops Up Again (Yet Another Name)

by Paul Alan Levy

This morning's Washington Post carries a report on a scam operation preying on non-profits, based in Boca Raton — the scammers lure the credulous by using the name of a famous news personality, promising priceless exposure on PBS, then charge $23,400 for the privilege of having a short film created for that purpose. 

We litigated against a similar group of scammers a few years ago, and found that they would change their name every time the light of publicity was shined on them.  And each time the news personality, embarrassed to have the way in which his or her name was being associated with scandal, would withdraw and the scammers would recruit a new personality.

It will be interesting to learn whether "In Focus Martin Sheen" follows the same pattern — and, indeed, whether the same folks are behind this new iteration of the same old ploy.

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