“The best consumer-friendly travel regulations you’ve never heard of”

Washington Post columnist Christopher Elliott fills us in

If you’re an experienced traveler, maybe you know about the Department of Transportation’s 24-hour rule for airline ticket purchases, or EU 261, the European consumer protection regulation for air travelers, or the Fair Credit Billing Act.

But what about the cruise bill of rights? The flat-tire rule? The Lanham Act?

Turns out there are a lot of rules, regulations and policies that benefit travelers. Travel companies sometimes go to great lengths to avoid mentioning that you have rights. That’s because it could cost them money in the form of refunds or penalties.

At a time when “regulation” is becoming an epithet, it may behoove you to take a moment to appreciate one or two of the more obscure rules. Who knows, maybe they could improve your next trip.

His full column is here.

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