Texas A&M Journal of Property Law CFP for consumer law symposium

We received the following CFP:

Texas A&M Journal of Property Law: Spring Symposium Proposal


The Texas A&M Journal of Property Law is currently seeking speakers and papers for its 2021 virtual Spring Symposium.  The purpose of the Symposium is to create a vibrant and useful forum for consumer law scholars, practitioners, and interested students to gather and exchange ideas.  The Symposium will likely take place via Zoom in mid-March or April, depending on speaker availability. 

Topics Under Consideration:

The Texas A&M Journal of Property Law is interested in broadly exploring recent changes and concerns in consumer law including consumer credit and debt practices, regulatory rollbacks by the Consumer Financial Bureau, consumer bankruptcy proceedings, credit reporting, data security, mortgage lending practices, and student-loan forgiveness.  In addition, the Symposium welcomes discussion over the recent decision by the Uniform Law Commission to address debt collection efforts by third-party debt collectors or buyers based on default judgments.  These topics are non-exhaustive, and the Texas A&M Journal of Property Law welcomes additional topics for consideration.

Speaker Selection:

            Interested scholars and practitioners must submit their interest in the Symposium, proposed topic idea, and current affiliations with law firms, universities, or non-government advocacy organizations to editorinchief@gmail.com by January 8, 2021.  Scholars and practitioners interested in publishing papers should express their willingness to do so and the paper’s intended subject-matter in the email.  Willingness to contribute an article for publication by the Texas A&M Journal of Property Law will be a factor for speaker selection. 

Further Information:

The Journal of Property Law will select speakers and papers for publication by February 12, 2021.  Selected papers are due after the Symposium on June 4, 2021. 

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