Talking Arbitration, the Supreme Court, and Civil Rights

I'm presenting at a few CLE programs over the next few days and I thought readers of the blog might be interested. The first can be accessed via phone; the other two will be at the American Association of Justice's Annual Convention in San Francisco:

  • A one-hour phone briefing on American Express v. Italian Colors: Practical Implications for Class Action Attorneys, on Tuesday, July 23 at 10-11 Pacific/1-2pm Eastern. I represented the respondents in Italian Colors and will be joined by Archis Parasharami of Mayer Brown, who represented the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as amicus.  The program is moderated by Professor Thomas Stipanowich of Pepperdine Law, a leading expert on the law of arbitration. (There's a $25 discount for CL&P readers.)
  • A talk on the U.S. Supreme Court Term in Review to AAJ's Civil Rights Section, Monday, July 22, 11am.
  • A talk on Arbitration Developments to AAJ's Class Action Litigation Group, Tuesday, July 23, 2:15pm.

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