Suit against major car manufacturers alleging that keyless ignitions are deadly carbon monoxide hazards

A 135-page class-action-complaint filed yesterday in federal court in Los Angeles alleges that the major car manufacturers are liable because their keyless ignition systems create a carbon monoxide hazard. This story by Jonathan Stempel explains:

Ten of the world's biggest automakers were sued on Wednesday by U.S. consumers who claim they concealed the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning in more than 5 million vehicles equipped with keyless ignitions, leading to 13 deaths. [The plaintiffs alleged that] carbon monoxide is emitted when drivers leave their vehicles running after taking their electronic key fobs with them, under the mistaken belief that the engines will shut off. [The suit claims] that this can injure or have "deadly" results for people who inhale the colorless and odorless gas, including when vehicles are left in garages attached to homes. They also said the defect reduces their vehicles' resale values.


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