Steubenville Rape Case and Libel Suit

by Paul Alan Levy

The New York Times carries an exceptionally detailed report of the controversy over the rape of a high school girl and the libel case brought by the parents of a player against an online blogger and several anonymous commenters, discussed here two weeks ago.  A reminder that reporting can be dangerous — the football coach, who had been criticized for not benching the players involved in the rape, apparently threatened one of the reporters who was asking questions, saying  "you’re going to get yours. And if you don’t get yours, somebody close to you will."  One can understand why the anoymous commenters who live in the community are afraid about the consequences of being identified.

0 thoughts on “Steubenville Rape Case and Libel Suit

  1. anon says:

    The news has all the details, and all of this can be Googled. Unconscious girl dragged from party to party while being raped and more. Tweets from witnesses document the play by play, including forced oral copulation and sodomy. Video was taken, pictures were taken and it was all posted throughout social media. The police conveniently lost the video. An example of one of the tweets was “no one sleeps through a wang in the butt.”
    Malik Richmond
    Trent Mays
    Anthony Craig
    Evan Westlake
    Mark Cole
    Made a video play by play and disseminated it.
    Michael Nodianos
    Ex boyfriend – Reportedly the one that set the victim up for this brutal attack
    Cody Saltsman
    Reno Saccoccia 63 threatened to harm her or her family if she made a big deal out of it.
    Nate Hubbard 27 claimed she made it all up.
    Dox are up on most of them. More details are coming out about “rape crew” and possibly an organized ring, but the relevant details of that won’t be out until after law enforcement gets first peek. Edit: Since this has gained a little more attention…
    The NYT made this story a big deal.
    Prinnified had it up for a while.
    Also, other girls have come forward since this article broke. Steubenville has a horrible history of police corruption, and everyone was afraid of reporting the “rape crew.” A lot still are. The one girl who blogged about it, along with 3 others were being sued for defamation because she collected screenshots and documented the whole thing.
    Steubenville, itself, has paid out a lot of money in settlements and has worked a great deal towards covering up their police misconduct. Losing the video is one such instance, as well, though no one has been held accountable.
    The coach at the high school threatened a journalist for wanting to talk about it. Another coach blamed the victim and claimed she was lying. There has been a concerted effort to cover this up in order to protect the athletes.

  2. MOrtgagestar1 says:

    Books have been written about the political corruption and the inhuman citizens of Jefferson County, Ohio. From the once criminally indicted sheriff to the shenanigans of high school football, there is NO place like Steubenville, Ohio.