Sen. Warren lays out agenda for tackling “unfinished business of financial reform”

The Dodd-Frank law shouldn't be the end of Congress's financial reform efforts, argued Sen. Elizabeth Warren in a speech today at the Levy Economics Institute. Sen. Warren called for specific additional regulatory measures, including the breaking up of big banks, closing regulatory loopholes, imposing tougher punishments for wrongdoing, and limiting the Fed's emergency lending powers to discourage excessive risk-taking, among other proposals.

You can read more about the speech, including some of the details of Sen. Warren's proposals, in American Banker, here. (This site requires a subscription, but I don't have one and was able to reach the story. If you're not, Vox also has more limited coverage of the speech — focusing on her proposal for stricter accountability for wrongdoing – here.)

You can read the text of the full speech here.


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