SBPC’s Mark Huelsman report: the student loan IDR system creates a debt trap

Mark Huelsman of the Student Borrower Protection Center has written Driving Runaway Debt: How IDR’s Current Design Buries Borrowers Under Billions of Dollars in Unaffordable Interest. Here's the abstract:

This report highlights how the design of the main protection meant to deliver affordability to federal student loan borrowers, Income-Driven Repayment (IDR), ignores the widespread effects that runaway student loan balances have across borrowers’ financial lives.

Drawing on extensive research, the report shows how IDR’s failure to consider the massive costs and consequences student loan borrowers face turns IDR into a debt trap for millions. The report calls on President Biden to take action to fix IDR by ending the phenomenon of runaway student loan balances for borrowers in IDR and making other key changes.

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