Groups urge retailers to phase out sale of 100s of chemicals

A group of organizations including the Union of Concerned Scientists, Breast Cancer Fund, and Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families yesterday sent a letter to major retailers asking them to phase out the use of more than 100 chemicals used in hundreds of products, including wrinkle-free clothes, shampoos, sofa cushions, and food packaging. The retailers include Walmart, Kroger’s, Safeway, Home Depot, and Best Buy. USAToday has the story. The website of Safer, Chemicals, Healthy Families has details about the chemicals and their letter campaign.

0 thoughts on “Groups urge retailers to phase out sale of 100s of chemicals

  1. Elizabeth F. Cole, MD says:

    Some of the most toxic things purchased and used by homeowners are herbicides and pesticides for weed control…same genetically damaging chemicals for humans as weeds, only they are causing cancers, brain damage, especially for children. One of worst is thst it stays in soil (and currently US govt is removing soils comtaminated by us 40 yrs ago in WWII in Korea because children playing in it are getting cancer, just as some of our troops entering into the treated areas were made ill.) And now of all things, Dow has apparently paid USDA to allow lacing seeds of rice, soy, and corn with these same chemicals as weed controls in the soils of the fields growing these basic foods. It will never go away. Nor is there any control over the weed spraying companies that abound. The public is not informed.

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