Reifa & Markou: Advertisers Know You are a Dog on the Internet!

Christine Riefa of Brunel and Christiana Markou of the European University Cyprus have written Online Marketing: Advertisers Know You are a Dog on the Internet!, in Savin, Trzaskowski (Eds) Research Handbook on EU Internet Law (Edward Elgar 2014) 383-410.  Here's the abstract:

This piece explores the regulation of online marketing. The Internet has enabled advertisers to get to know their customer base and harness technology to a point where the once anonymous Internet is now a space where advertisers know you are dog. There is much progress however for the law to make in order to catch up with technology and the marketing practices it enables. The many dangers allied with those advertising techniques should force the legislator to rethink and tighten controls in a bid to protect consumers.

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