Read the National Consumer Law Center’s report on the tax preparation industry

Read this new report by the National Consumer Law Center, which maintains that incompetence and fraud in the tax preparation industry harms consumers. Here's how NCLC introduces its report:

Each year, tens of millions of consumers rely upon paid tax preparers to help them file accurate and compliant tax returns, yet the majority of these preparers are not subject to any minimum standards. This National Consumer Law Center report documents how a lack of regulation has allowed incompetence and fraud by tax preparers to flourish and urges states to require paid preparers to demonstrate basic competency and skills as well as to provide upfront fee disclosures.

Read the report's executive summary and NCLC's model state law to regulate the industry.

Riddled Returns

How Errors and Fraud by Paid Tax Preparers Put Consumers at Risk and What States Can Do

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