Public Citizen’s Amit Narang lays out the dangers of regulatory “reform”

… in The Hill, responding to former head of OIRA Cass Sunstein:

Delays in new public protections have real consequences. Oil trains around the country continue to explode while new safety measures languish in development. Tainted food outbreaks continue to sicken and kill Americans while rules stemming from the new food safety law have missed deadline after deadline. Toxic spills poison our air and water as hazardous chemicals go unregulated for decades. The list goes on and on.

The regulatory paralysis and delays are reaching near-crisis proportions. A recent study, authored by a conservative think tank no less, found that federal agencies missed nearly half of their statutory deadlines over the past two decades. These missed regulatory deadlines violate the law, and if Sunstein's proposals were implemented, we'd see even more of them.

Read Amit's whole piece here.

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