Not Even Robocallers Like Getting Robocalls

by Jeff Sovern

On April 18, the Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on Robocalls. Among the witnesses was Adrian Abramovich, against whom the FCC has filed a forfeiture proceeding in which it seeks a penalty of $120 million. Abramavich, who testified under subpoena, commented that when he receives robocalls, he declines them or doesn't answer the phone. The FCC accuses Abramovich of scamming people, but according to the testimony of NCLC's Margot Freeman Saunders, only two of the top twenty robocallers were considered scammers, based on YouMail's Robocall Index. The leader was Capitol One, Wells Fargo was third on the list, and other well-known financial institutions and debt collectors also appeared.  Law360 has more here, but it may be behind a paywall.

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