NerdWallet Article Explores What CFPB Has Done to Help Consumers

Brad Wolverton's article, Your Wallet Will Suffer If This Agency Is Gutted, is an excellent roundup of the Bureau's accomplishments that cuts across a variety of areas, including student loans, credit cards, debt collection, mortgages, payday loans, credit reporting agencies, auto lending, consumer complaints, military protections, and arbitration. Excerpt:

Collectively, for every $1 in federal spending on the agency, more than $4 has been placed back in consumers’ pockets, a review by NerdWallet found. The agency has saved or returned to Americans $12 billion, while costing taxpayers $2.9 billion to operate over that period.

Other improvements, felt by virtually all consumers, have come in the form of lower costs, a more stable economy and new power to resolve individual disputes with financial institutions.

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