NCRC Study Finds Mortgage Discrimination Continues

Here.  From the Executive Summary:

NCRC has found an extensive mortgage lending imbalance in St. Louis, with mortgage credit distribution heavily swayed by income levels and the racial makeup of neighborhoods. These trends are noteworthy, especially within the City of St. Louis. While median family income is a crucial factor, lending is concentrated in majority white neighborhoods and scarce in majority African American neighborhoods. * * *

* * * In the City of St. Louis itself, the racial composition of the neighborhood is a strong predictor of mortgage activity, becoming nearly as important as neighborhood income in its predictive capability. As the percentage of white residents increases, so does the amount of mortgage lending. Conversely, a higher proportion of African American residents correlates with fewer mortgage loan originations. * * *

The City of St. Louis and its inner ring suburbs like Ferguson show strong indications of hypersegregation. There are many census tracts in which the population is 75-98 percent African American – concentrated clusters of segregated neighborhoods. Within these areas less than one percent of homes received a home purchase loan for the 2012-2014 period. This lack of lending is not fully explained by differences of income, meaning that credit is flowing more to neighborhoods with higher percentages of white residents with the same income profile.

The study also found problems in the Milwaukee and Minneapolis areas.

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