NCLC releases 50-state survey on predatory lending laws

From NCLC's press release:

"A new report from the National Consumer Law Center finds progress toward a 36% APR cap for common short-term and longer-term loans in some states. In states that allow high-cost loans, exorbitant interest rates can trap borrowers in a cycle of debt. Two states – New Mexico and North Dakota – enacted new laws that dramatically reduce the APRs and fees allowed for a $500 six-month and $2,000 two-year installment loan. On the other hand, several states went in the opposite direction, allowing predatory loans to carry even higher APRs."

The report, titled, Predatory Installment in the States, includes maps and tables for annual percentage rate caps in every state and the District of Columbia, tracks installment loan changes in the states since mid-2021, and provides recommendations for states to protect residents from predatory high-cost lending. 

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