Mulvaney’s Calendar is Mostly Empty of CFPB Items: “Enforcement Deep Dive” Takes Only an Hour

by Jeff Sovern

The CFPB has posted online Interim Director Mulvaney's calendar for December and January. I can't tell how complete it is, but it has only a fraction of the number of items that former Director Cordray's calendar (also online at the same site) had for the months I randomly selected. Either Mulvaney is doing many fewer things or he is less forthcoming about his activities. I know it's only a part-time gig for him, but this looks like he's working part-time at being part-time.  My favorite item was on December 12 from 1:00 to 2:00: Enforcement Deep Dive.  If a deep dive takes an hour, I would love to know how much time a shallow dive would require. No wonder the Bureau hasn't announced any new enforcement actions. Some blocks of time are labelled CFPB without more information, so it's impossible to tell whether he also attended to enforcement matters during those blocks.  But if all the time he devotes to the CFPB is reflected on this calendar, it is hard to believe he is taking much time to learn about the Bureau or consumer protection. This looks like the calendar of a person who doesn't bother to learn what he's deciding about, which may be part of a pattern.

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