More Trump CFPB Transition/Landing Team Members Named, Including AEI Manager

by Jeff Sovern

As earlier reported by the CFPB Monitor and elsewhere, President-Elect Trump has named three new members to the CFPB "Landing Team."  One of the members, Kyle Hauptman, is a Senior Development Manager at the American Enterprise Institute. The AEI has on its website some articles that may give clues as to Mr. Hauptman's views, though the pieces are not authored by Mr. Hauptman. Among the pieces are Founding fathers would have wanted to keep CFPB in check (referring to the Dodd-Frank Act, which created the CFPB, as the “Faith in Bureaucracy Act”) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proves its critics right. The other new appointees are Consuala “CJ” Jordan, and Julie B. Lindsay.  The Trump team had previously announced the appointment of Paul Atkins.

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