Manufacturer of Device That Prevents Cars From Starting When Consumers Miss Payment Claims Thousands of Car Buyers Thank Them for Getting Cars at Lower Rates

by Jeff Sovern

Last week, Brian posted a link to a NY Times story about the use of devices that auto lenders can activate to prevent a car from starting when a consumer has defaulted on a payment.  In response, BHPH Report (BHPH evidently stands for "Buy Here, Pay Here") ran a piece titled PassTime Refutes Shut-Off Allegations Made in New York Times Story.  PassTime was described in the Times story as a leading manufacturer of the devices.  PassTime is quoted in the BHPH story as follows:

“During that time, thousands of car buyers have personally called the PassTime customer service line to thank us for helping them get car financing for a better vehicle at lower rates that they otherwise would have had access to without the device,” the company said.

It would be interesting to see the documentation for that claim.

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