Majority of consumers misled by “natural” food labels

A recent Consumer Reports survey of 1,005 adults found that more than half of consumers seek out foods with the word "natural" on the label, often in the false belief that the foods were produced without genetically modified organisms, hormones, pesticides, or artificial ingredients. But on food labels, the word does not necessarily mean any of those things.

Consumer Reports petitioned the Food and Drug Administration in 2014 to ban the use of “natural” on labeling because shoppers are misled.The FDA later requested public comment on use of the word “natural”on food labels, and the comment period ends today.

You can read about the Consumer Reports survey here (CBS News) and here (The Hill).

0 thoughts on “Majority of consumers misled by “natural” food labels

  1. Nicholas Eltgroth says:

    All foods need to be labelled clearly as to whether they are GMO, or sprayed with pesticides or Round up. The word “Natural” if restricted to non-toxic healthy foods can be restricted to healthy foods.

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